Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't Forget To Have Kids

Oh, Mika, really? You're gonna tell young women that the greatest gift a woman can receive is children? Not self-respect? Not knowing who you are and standing up for that person? Not loving yourself exactly as you are? Just what your uterus can do, huh? Yeah, we've come a long way, ladies.

How about this -- instead of a "You can have it all. Just as long as you're a mommy." attitude, we all strive for a more progressive ideal of, "As long as you feel true fulfillment in your life and happiness with your choices, it doesn't matter if you have kids early, later or not at all." That way, we can stop telling girls to look outside themselves for their self-worth and maybe work harder on helping them develop self-esteem through making smart decisions.
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Miss Dewey Decimal said...

ohmygod! i am 31 and i totally forgot to get married and have children. oh fuck! maybe i can do that today on my way home from work after i pick up my dry cleaning.